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The Law Firm

We are a Sacramento law firm founded in 1989 to represent local agencies and private clients on matters concerning water resource, land use, governmental and related issues. We partner with our clients in developing innovative solutions under California’s complex governmental, water and environmental laws.


Bartkiewicz, Kronick,Shanahan

Our Firm Profile

Bartkiewicz, Kronick & Shanahan is an accomplished law firm that specializes in water law and the representation of local government agencies. The attorneys of Bartkiewicz, Kronick & Shanahan concentrate in the areas of municipal, water, natural resources and environmental law. We are located in Sacramento, with a regional practice covering areas throughout California. The firm was established in 1989. Bartkiewicz, Kronick & Shanahan serves as general and special counsel to over thirty cities, counties, water districts, water agencies, sewer districts, public utility districts, community services districts, mosquito and vector control districts, recreation and park districts, joint powers authorities, and other special districts. We also represent a variety of private sector clients in water and land development related matters.The firm’s attorneys have substantial expertise and experience in many areas, including:

  • Water rights law, including water supply and service contracts, acquisition and preservation of water rights, water right opinions, water right adjudications and water transfers.

  • Water quality law, including permitting of wastewater treatment facilities under the Clean Water Act and Porter-Cologne Water-Quality Control Act.

  • Public works projects, including all legal aspects of the planning, design, permitting, land and rights-of-way acquisition, construction documents, construction management, operation and maintenance of all types of public works projects.

  • Land use, planning, zoning, subdivision and development issues.

  • Environmental law, including procedural and substantive requirements under the California Environmental Quality Act, National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Acts.

  • Public finance, including financings, rates and charges, developer fees, assessments, general and special taxes and investment of public funds.

  • Joint powers authorities and JPA law.

  • Ralph M. Brown Act (open meeting law) and Public Records Act compliance.

  • Conflict of interest advice.

  • Tort Claims Act issues, including entity, employee and officer liability.

  • Local government reorganization, including entity formation and annexations.

  • Civil litigation, appellate practice and administrative proceedings related to these areas.

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